Roots in the Soil:

Born into a family that tilled the land for generations, Sanket's connection to farming ran deep. His childhood echoed with tales of perseverance, lessons etched in sweat and soil, and the wisdom of those who came before him.

The Echoing Challenges:

As Sanket grew, so did the challenges that clouded the agricultural landscape. Climate unpredictability, dwindling water resources, and the ever-present threat of pests and diseases painted a daunting picture for farmers like him.

Seeds of Innovation:

But challenges are the seeds of innovation. Sanket refused to accept the status quo. Armed with determination and a vision for change, he set out to explore the possibilities that technology could bring to the age-old practice of farming.

Our Story - A Farmer's Odyssey

In the heart of rural India, where the soil whispers secrets of generations past, Sanket Kedar, a fourth-generation farmer, embarked on a journey that would change the course of agriculture. This is our story.

The Birth of DruFarm:

In the quietude of his ancestral farm, the idea took root. DruFarm Technology Pvt Ltd was born - a testament to the marriage of tradition and technology, where the past met the future. The dream was simple yet profound: to empower every Indian farmer with the tools and knowledge to cultivate sustainably, maximize yields, and secure food for all.

From Vision to Reality:

Today, DruFarm stands as a beacon of hope for small and marginal farmers across India. Sanket's journey, etched in the soil and nurtured by ancestral wisdom, continues to inspire. Our story is not just a narrative; it's a revolution. A revolution that

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